Monday, September 29, 2008

mesa falls

we went to mesa falls yesterday with some of our favorite people, scott and kaylee. we had a lot of fun! kaylee made these very yummy muffins for us to eat and it was so pretty there...the leaves were all different colors.

here is caiden cheezin' it up!

sittin' on a rock havin' fun

i just thought this was cute


Kristi said...

It's so beautiful there! I can't believe how big Caiden is now! Man time flies. Did you cut your hair? It looks short in your family photo. Check out our blog anytime at

The Bluths said...

Hey cute blog layout! I need your number. We haven't talked in forever!

Mike and Heather said...

Hey Kelly and Mike,

I love your new blog design! Seeing your pics makes me jealous--Mesa Falls has always been one of my favorite places. I really wish we still lived in Rexburg so we could have gone with all you guys! In case you don't know, we have a blog too--it is

Kara Lane said...

hey, it is so fun to see new pictures. It looks like Caiden is growing up so fast. How are things with you?

Mike Walker said...

Caiden is ridiculously cool; Heather and I are so jealous of you guys.

Bairds said...

Hey...I remember that place ;).