Tuesday, October 21, 2008

stop to smell the roses

i thought this was so cute... i caught caiden smelling our wallflower from bath and body works. i didn't even know he knew what it was.

ummm... wow!

so we have been letting caiden feed himself lately... ya know let him learn how to use a spoon and well he sure does have fun!

straw maze

we went to the straw maze with scott and kaylee on saturday. we had a lot of fun! The maze was haunted but we were brave and made it out just fine. and apparently we are amazing at finding our way because it only took us about 15 minutes.

our picture taking expertise definitely shows in this picture... it was so dark in the maze we couldn't see... and well this is what we have to show for it.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

where's the snow???

so we've been meaning to go to cress creek all summer and in case you were wondering... we didn't make it in time. so at 6:30 tonight we saw that it was snowing and thought hey what better time to go than now... better late than never right? 

well by the time we got there it was already pretty dark... but it's pretty during the day