Sunday, November 11, 2007


yeah so a 1 1/2 year anniversary isn't like woohoo but still... my friend makes cool cakes so i had her make us one and i surprised mike with it. it was really fun and it tasted yummy!

our new toy

we have always wanted a projector but never could afford one...until we discovered byu-i's surplus sale...its a silent auction so we bid on 6 different ones and we won 5 of them so we got first pick of which one we wanted. we were very pleased with ourselves because we got a great deal!!!
so we took a little excursion to lowe's in idaho falls and bought the longest closet rod we could find and found some big bike hooks to hang our screen. next on our mission we went to joanne's fabric and bought some blackout material(its used for curtains to block out sunlight). so we sewed two pieces together because it wasn't wide enough... and voila we have a wonderful new movie watching, wii playing, computer using experience!!! yeah baby!

our little blue monster

we didn't do anything for Halloween but we wanted to dress caiden up anyway...we saw this costume at DI and we couldn't pass it up!