Tuesday, March 9, 2010

banana chairs

we have always wanted banana chairs but could never find any for a good price until we were at DI in rexburg. we found 2 banana chairs for the price we usually find 1 for... this made us very excited! unfortunately they weren't our favorite looking chairs but i guess we couldn't ask for more coming from DI. luckily, mike had a great idea... why don't we reupholster them?! so we decided to dive right in... not knowing exactly what to do or where to start but we figured it couldn't be too hard right?



pillows: the finishing touch

holiday season

we were able to spend thanksgiving with mike's family in idaho falls and utah and spend christmas in california with my family. both were a lot of fun! thanksgiving we played the traditional football game in mike's mom's backyard. and for the first time we fought the crowds at walmart on black friday. mike and i both agree that once is enough unless there is something really worth while. afterwards we had breakfast with mikes brother and sister in law at dennys, which made the 5am trip worth it.

it was nice to get away from the cold snowy winter of idaho and enjoy the warmer weather in california. we got some really great things but the best was watching caiden open his presents! its getting more and more fun as he gets older and is starting to figure things out.

checkin' out the stocking

pooh from santa




gingerbread house decorating with aspen

having fun with dinner

its a girl!

we found out a few months ago that we are having a GIRL! it still seems really odd we are going to have 2 kids but we're excited! caiden still doesn't understand completely that he is going to be a big brother but he'll find out soon enough. only have 6 weeks left until her arrival and we haven't even decided on a name yet. hopefully we'll have something figured out by then.