Sunday, May 25, 2008

i think it might be time for a hair cut...


here is caiden with his grandma and cousins: joshua, zachary, and macey

tauphus park

a couple weeks ago mike's brother dave and his family were up visiting so we got a chance to spend some time with them and go to tauphus park. caiden got to go on his first merry go round and slide. we had a lot of fun!

little rocky

so caiden decided to pick a fight with a shopping cart and well... you can see what happened. but he was tough and didn't cry...

caiden's first swim

on our trip to yellowstone we took caiden for his first swim. at first i don't think he knew what was going on but he loves water so he had a real good time splashing around once he figured it out.

2 years already...

our 2 year anniversary was about a month ago and we decided to take a short trip to west yellowstone to celebrate. we ate at this place that had a old train car outside that we got to go through... it was really cool. and we stayed at this really great hotel and went swimming... it was so fun! and we almost died twice on our way home... i think mike and i both just about had a heart attack... crazy truck drivers on icy roads.

new job... new apartment

in the middle of february i got a new job managing a girls complex here in rexburg... so we packed up our apartment and moved within a couple days. it was crazy but everything worked out perfectly. we now have a 3 bedroom apartment, which is wonderful because we have so much stuff...and the best part is, its free! we don't have to pay rent and the office is connected to our apartment so its great getting to work in the morning. all i have to do is go down the hall. mike is taking the summer off from school to get a break and stays home to help me in the office and watch caiden so pretty much we just all hang out together. we couldn't ask for a better set up right now.