Sunday, May 25, 2008

new job... new apartment

in the middle of february i got a new job managing a girls complex here in rexburg... so we packed up our apartment and moved within a couple days. it was crazy but everything worked out perfectly. we now have a 3 bedroom apartment, which is wonderful because we have so much stuff...and the best part is, its free! we don't have to pay rent and the office is connected to our apartment so its great getting to work in the morning. all i have to do is go down the hall. mike is taking the summer off from school to get a break and stays home to help me in the office and watch caiden so pretty much we just all hang out together. we couldn't ask for a better set up right now.


The Bluths said...

When did you guys go back to Rexburg?

David Christensen Family said...

I cannot believe that you guys have been married two years already! WOW! You're vetrans now! What was the name of the restaraunt in yellowstone? I don't remember seeing a train car when we went when I was a kid. It looks like it was awesome.

Leno said...

wow, that kid is gonna beat some shopping buggys up. I'd hate to see what he does to his stuffed animals. blog looks fun, party on!!